jeudi 1 juin 2017

Wedding Season Begins...

Wedding season has officially began. If you're lucky to be invited to someone's big day, personanally I think you should the occasion by wearing the prettiest dress you can find.
I think this dress from Lace Emerald Green (2) is absolutely stunning!
You can feel like a queen with earring crystal setting Emerald Stone center (4), with Emerald ring and comfortable shoes to Badgley Mishka (3). Comfortable shoes are an absolute must at a wedding. yes, they are on the prisey side but your feet will be thanking you after hours of dancing the night away.
I think that's the one thing peope always forget about when dressing for a wedding, yes , it is important to look fabulous but it's also essential to be comfortable.
Let's not forget the gift it is important for the wedding. If you decide to give money or check I would like to propose you elegant way to give your gift
Envelope-Wedding gift Card Holder; Wedding cards; Wedding Money Holder-Check

And I invited you to visit my site:
where you can see, make your choice and buy the creations.

 1.Envelope-Wedding gift Card Holder

Made by DArt Creation

 2. Lace-Emerald-Green-Cocktail-Dress



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